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Mar 17, 2020
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SD Maid Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) is a reliable tool for managing and cleaning unnecessary data. Install this app for free through Apkinf.

We’ll present to you SD Maid Pro

While you’re using your device, it’s always creating duplicate, useless as well as logs. If these files aren’t cleared then the device will become slower and the storage capacity will diminish. SD Maid Pro is an effective solution that you’ve been looking to find. However, you can do this with Avast antivirus , or even C If you’d like this process to be done more efficiently and speedily, there’s no better choice.

It is a powerful application for cleaning your device of Android

SD Maid Pro owns an extremely powerful analysis. When you make use of this feature, the program will produce statistical reports on the usage of large data files as well as ineffective waste documents. Then, you can get rid of the junk files and eliminate memory with just a single click.

In other applications, the process can be risky as the analysis and research that isn’t really the only security. If you mistakenly delete a vital file that is required to launch an application or execute a specific program on your device it could put you in serious risk. However, when you utilize SD Maid Pro, that is not the case because it scans all kinds of file, pinpointing the most well-known locations and capable of removing them. In addition experienced users can to create a customized filter that includes files on the list of exceptions, or the list of files that need to be removed.

Optimizing databases

While the device is in use, the data and tables within the database could be created by a machine. If they are not properly cleaned from the database, it’s possible that tables and records are left and can significantly affect the performance of the device, as the processing time is longer.

Fortunately, SD Maid Pro supports what one of the most popular system cleaners, CCleaner, is not able to accomplish. It makes use of “VACUUM” SQL statements while creating blank pages in order to clear any clutter without losing any data.

File manager

Beyond a basic cleansing tool. allows you to manage your files using SD Maid Pro. You can manage the quantity of folders, files and memory used in addition to the space on your PC. The application provides a summary, it is the most comprehensive.

Additionally, this file manager permits users conduct searches with multiple filtering options. You can search by name or content or date of creation, as well as the date of the last modification, etc.

Another important thing to remember, ES File Explorer is also a professional file manager, which comes with.

Manage the operation that the device performs

The apps and tasks are clearly described, showing the processor and memory in usage. If you find that you’ve stopped the process but it continues to operate in background mode then you can either force or freeze the task directly there. Thus, your device can limit the memory usage or crash, or delays.

The tool is available in a Pro version

SD Maid Pro includes all features that are included by the free version and includes features such as blocking ads.

In the course of your usage will install many other apps in the phone. phone. In the event that the cache and junk files grow, the time to start up an app is longer, it could be unable to function properly when you launch several applications at the same time. These files should be regularly cleaned, SD Maid Pro will manage this using its Cron Job tool. All you need to do is set up an agenda and the cleaner will run automatically to clean of your system. Simple, but efficient you could consider?

MOD APK version of SD Maid Pro

MOD feature

Pro Locked Pro Unlocked: Users are able to download Pro version for free. Pro version free of charge after you download our APK file.

Download SD Maid Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Maintain your device in the best condition in good repair. Do not let unnecessary information or duplicate files hinder the performance. SD Maid Pro will assist in eliminating the unwanted data. It’s easy to download this application and make an agenda!



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