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Jio Pos Plus Apk

Jio P os Plus ApkJio has launched a new app for Jio Partners. It’s called  This application is for Jio Retailers. You can pay your utility bills, activate Jio sims and activate them.

Reliance Jio was able to reach millions of customers in a very short period. Reliance Jio reached millions of clients in a short time. Jio’s products are being sold to retailers.

Jio retailers were previously unable to perform certain customer-related activities. Jio has recently launched a new application, the Jio POS Plus APK. This allows Jio retailers the ability to manage all products and services in their stores. Jio partners also manage the application. These people run Jio and help promote Jio to customers.

  • Jio distributor This distributor makes sure that products and services are in stock and available for purchase at retail outlets.
  • Jio has been chosen as the preferred retailer. Large retail outlets showcase all stock and provide live demos to improve the digital customer experience.
  • Jio retailer Retailing outlets sell all types of telecom products, services, and devices to customers.

Only Jio’s third partner retailer can use this application. It is not permitted to be used by other partners to manage their stores’ activities.

Jio POS Plus APK is the complete platform that Jio retailers can use to assist customers and perform all activities related to Jio products.

  • Utility bills to
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Digital KYC
  • Selling and buying accessories
  • Manage the stock or inventory of products
  • Return products

Features of JioPOS Plus:Jio Pos Plus Apk

Online Registry:

All Jio sims and Jio phones customers can join the network without or with Aadhaar cards. This can be done electronically, or physically.

Earn money:

Customers can recharge on Jio plans at 6.5%. Jio retailers can make decent earnings by selling sims to customers and charging them. For example, if they activate 10 sims each day, they will earn Rs. 400 and R. 40 respectively. per sim. 40.

Accessories & Devices:Jio Pos Plus Apk

Retailers can order JioFi accessories or JioSim devices to fulfill orders. Retailers can then sell Jio products to customers or the general public.

Manage customer database:Jio Pos Plus Apk

Jio Plus POS APK lets you view and manage customer profiles, view reports from the management system (MIS), and also allows you view and review a book, which contains all transactions, recharges and other information. Jio offers many useful features for both customers and retailers.

Advertisement Free:

It won’t display advertisements or slow down your phone’s performance when you use it. You can access many useful features without having to use third-party apps.

Login Access:

Users need a login ID in order to gain access to the application. After logging in online, users must have their passwords.

Simple to Use:

It runs smoothly with Android devices, so it’s easy to use some functions.

Payment Method:Jio Pos Plus Apk

You can make payments using any payment method you choose. There are many payment options available on this application. Jio POS allows you to pay digitally or with cash, credit cards or atm cards.

Payment features

Customers can quickly accept payments by scanning their barcodes. Merchants can also scan their barcodes using the Jio POS high-speed scanner. A processing fee of 0% up to 4.0% will be charged.

Jio POS Plus ID:

Register first to receive your login id. Register first to get your login id, password and account.

Jio POS Plus helpline number:

Dear customers! Please contact the Jio POS Plus Helpline Number given below if you have any questions.


Documents required:

These documents are needed by the merchant in order to register Jio devices.

  • Trade license
  • Two photos
  • Aadhar card
  • Passbook Copy from bank

Jio POS Plus Android APK system requirements

The latest Jio POS Plus version is compatible with Android OS 4.4+. It is a 97-MB file and can be downloaded from any phone.

Jio POS Plus APK Download:

  • To install the latest Jio POS Plus APK, you will first need to download the APK file.
  • Visit our website to download the APK file.
  • Once you’ve found the file, click on the link to download it.
  • This will take some time, so make sure that you have reliable internet access.
  • You must have at least 97.5MB of storage

Instructions for Jio POS Plus Android Installation:

  • Allow unknown sources to install any third-party application.
  • Install the application.
  • Click on the button to install the system.
  • Once the installation is complete you will see the APK icon on your smartphone.
  • Click on the icon to open the application.
  • Enter your login ID and password to gain access.
  • Congratulations! Congratulations!
  • Enjoy this application.

How to use Jio POS App:

  • First, you need to open the app.
  • Enter your login ID.
  • Select Jio Top Up/Recharge from the menu.
  • To recharge your Jio phone, you will be prompted to enter your number. Then, select from the three options: top up, recharge, or recharge.
  • Select an option and click the Browse button.
  • A dial tone will be added to your plan, so that you can add Jio to it.
  • Now you can click on the option Proceed To Checkout.
  • Any method of payment is possible. These payment options include cash, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Now Top Up

Similar apps like Jio POS Plus APK:

There are many apps that are similar to the Jio POS Plus APK App. These are the best:

  • Jio Partner World.
  • My BSNL App.
  • JioPOS Lite.
  • Paytm: Secure UPI Paymen.

Jio POS + APK Versions New or Updated:

The Jio POS Plus APK version 1.4.7 is the latest version. It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and higher. It is a 97MB file.

This version is compatible with all Android devices. This version also has multiple benefits. Online registration is possible with or without Aadhaar card. However, certain documents are required to complete the process.

The partner can charge money to the retailer’s wallet. This is a way for them to make some extra money. Retailers can also earn a commission by charging money to their partner’s wallet. You can download this book from our website. This application will not display any advertisements.

Jio POS Plus APK Version Old Version:

Jio POS Plus v1.0.6 was an older version. It works with Android OS 4.0+. It can store files up to 86MB. This version was published in India on November 9, 2020.

Jio POS Plus has been released in Indiaon November 2019,.

June 20,22, Jio POS Plus APK has been updated.

  • Retailers can make money managing Jio products, services, and using the app.
  • Retailers can earn a commission for activating sims and paying bills.
  • Retailers will be paid 6.5% commission when activating sims and recharging customers’ accounts.
  • Retailers can do digital KYC in just a few clicks
  • Jio customers may register for Aadhaar eKYC.
  • Jio accessories and devices can be purchased by retailers.
  • Retailers can use this application to order Jio products on behalf of customers.
  • Retailers can easily manage their stock and inventory of services and products.
  • Retailers can easily return products to their preferred distributors or retailers.


The incredible application Jio POS Plus APK was developed in India’s telecom industry. You will reap both the tremendous benefits of this application as a customer or a retailer.


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