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Aug 22, 2022
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Duskwood Mod Apk

The findings of the research indicate that there’s been a increase in the number of documentary films series and documentaries and that the majority of their viewers are teenagers and young adults. But for some, the films aren’t real enough. Teens and young adults are beginning to look for the most suitable games that will satisfy their needs such as ” 7Days Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel Story”. In the year of 2019, creator Everbyte Studio released one of the most interesting detective games.Duskwood Mod Apk

Duskwood MOD APK Story

It’s rare for someone to be lost in the woods and for the ones who do is called a nightmare. nobody is aware of the fate of those who went missing.

In the less than 72 hours since Hannah Donford went missing without any evidence of her missing numerous incidents have transpired and people are more anxious than they have ever been. In the days before Hannah disappearing, due to mysterious motives, her latest move was to provide her phone address to her boyfriend Thomas. Thomas has a list of contacts that been added to an unknown group of people who are the sisters of her and her acquaintances. You’re asked to investigate the circumstances surrounding an eerie kidnapping. Everyone has their own personal story, and it’s your responsibility to discover the real culprit behind the incident.

The game is played in a WhatsApp in a manner, with your main goal is to move from one location to the next. There is no story to tell and players are required to link all the information given.


Hannah Donford. The players must use their phones to communicate and collect clues from potential suspects on the internet. Every person you meet has a personal tale and personal story. each aspect is a reflection of what people are posting on their social media accounts as well as what they’re up to.

Users will be able to observe the behavior of other users on social media, and also use cloud-based storage.

From nowhere, an anonymous hacker texted you, saying that everyone appears to be. Through the hacker’s aid, you’re in a position to gain access to Hannah’s personal cloud. This might provide clues about the role Hannah’s family members were associated with the abduction. Be vigilant and ensure that you don’t get caught out!

Make sure you consider carefully and make smart decisions

Different choices can lead to different results. The reactions could be favorable or adverse. Players will be required to create their own journeys, with multimedia files to browse through and places to discover. The game starts slowly, but it will keep your interest throughout the duration of.

It’s similar to conversing with them through chat rooms or in private chats. The players are given the opportunity to choose what they’ll adhere to and who they can be comfortable with and interpret the information in their own way. Additionally, users can check out the profiles of other characters on Instagram and their profiles, or other social media platforms. You can also make new friends however, be vigilant on who to be confident in.

After a specified amount of clues, you’ll be able to select one of the previously-written letters

A game that is part of a game

“Duskwood” has no fighting, shooting, or firing. The game demands us to use our brains instead of firearms. Another mini-game is called Match-3 players must play a variety of mini-games in order to finish your main narrative and gain credit. It is advised that players complete most of them in one sitting so that they do not have to stop their storyline to complete the mini-challenges.

7 episodes of the series are now available

Episodes currently in development, six and seven are being developed. In each episode, more more details will be revealed, leading the characters more enthralled towards Hannah Donford and the kidnap



This game makes use of text with custom themes that messengers can choose from a variety of adorable. The graphics are simple and easy to understand as the game is in essence similar with WhatsApp or Messenger.


The game doesn’t have anything to talk about with regard to the music aside from the crows’ sounds when you begin Duskwood. Even even if there’s no music in the game It’s still engaging enough to keep you entertained.


Duskwood is a naughty game of punishment and crime. The solutions aren’t obvious and the dialogue is amusing, but also strange and bizarre. There are many real elements that add to the overall mood. If you’re not acquainted with the game’s title , it is the perfect time to begin exploring these stories and become the best detective you’ve ever thought of. Duskwood isn’t perfect, however, it will surely provide be an immersive and intimate mystery.

extensions, video calls or audio messages. Utilize your skills and expertise to determine which option is most comfortable for you.

Every character in the story. Be aware that every bit of information will aid in saving Hannah and stop you from becoming another victim.



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