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downloads telegram for pc
downloads telegram for pc
App Name Download Telegram  for pc
Publisher apkproapps
Genre For PC(Laptop,Computer)
Size 51.42 MB
Latest New Version 4.3.7
Content Rating
Developer apkproapps

Telegram Introduction:

Telegram is the world best messaging app that always focus on the speed and your security.
There are some reason we should use telegram because telegram on pc Is ads free , you can use easiy like other social media
it is secure and it work all over the world,
If your are not near of own friend or other family member you can contact on telegram on pc and easy live chat and
share photos, videos and file easily.
You can share chat or can live chat with 5000 people at a time after createing group
you can create a group or channel more then 5000 people and contacts with same time without paying any fees and you can use only
internet connection or wifi for telegram
You can easily download telegram in pc (in laptop and computer)

What Is Telegram:

Telegram is latest messaging app that have no ads , very secure app and also it is free.You can easily any type of data like images,
video clips,and file or any types of document with own family memeber and friends.On telegram you can create a group of more then
5000 people . This app work like watsapp you use this with own local inernet connection(in 2G/3G/4G) or you use wifi.
you download telegram in pc.

How download telegram for pc


How to use telegram?

You can chat with each other friend only typing the phone number or own friend username.
Share own gallery photos , video and any types of file like job file (ppt,doc,.zip file) with our office worker with securely
You can send own current location and real time location sending sms or voice messages.


How Telegram Difffrent from other messaging or social media platform.

Telegram app is latest completely free ,this app does not have any promotion ads,mean this app developer does nt show any
poster with company ads or product ad.Telegram has public code can audited by anyone.You can download in laptop and computer
Telegram app main focus on high speed and very high security.When you sare any images ,file or videos they are auto dafault encrypted
with own rule AES-254-CBC ecryption, that means you can private chat with other person you all chat system are safe and secure this app
never share your data with other person.
You have big ability to create a group upto more then 5000 peoples like form a channel.

how download and install telegram for pc


Q1: How Download telegram in pc?
A.You Can easily download the telegram for pc please check belwo here you find the download link and click on it and download.

Q2: How install telegram in PC?
A. First Download the telegram app here below after downloading click on open then next and then agree privacy policy and launch in pc.

Q3: Telegram is secure?
A. yes telegram is very secure app .

Q4: Why we use telegram app?
A. Telegram is communications app with each other you can contact with any person easily and securly.

Some Best ways to use telegram on pc?

1: Always touch with friend and family member
If you not near our friend or family member you can easily contact by using telegram on pc.

2: Safe and Secure
Telegram is a first secur messaging app here you all detail like chat message ,photo and video are safe and secure .

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