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capcut apk mod
capcut apk mod

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App Name CAPCUT apk
Publisher apkproapps
Genre by Videos Players
Size IN MB 38MB
Latest Version 6.1.0
Update 4 july,2022
Developer Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Content Rating For all
Requires 7.0 & up
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CapCut is an innovative video editing and video-making app that’s free. Bytedance Pte, the creators of TikTok’s top-rated app, brings it to you. Ltd. CapCut offers a simple user interface that is accessible for all. CapCut offers a variety of filters, colours and effects as well as music and slow-motion effects. Here also has advanced features such keyframe animation, slow motion effect, picture in-picture and snipping tools. It is an all-in one app that allows you to create stunning social media videos. Its high-quality effects as well as advanced features have made it a popular choice.

CAPCUT APK latest version


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CapCut PRO APK can be used to make and edit professional movies and photos. It is easy for all beginners. You can apply filters and effects as well as other features. It has been downloaded more than 100M times via the Google Play store for smartphones. CapCut is available now for free. Start editing and sharing your amazing work.


You can download Mod APK online to enjoy CapCut Pro APK with no watermark.

  • Go to “Settings” on your Android device before installing CapCut Mod APK.
  • To install the app, you will need to click the “download” link on the trusted third party webpage.
  • After downloading completes in a few seconds, you can open the file.
  • Add a video to the app, and you can unleash the power of CapCut features and tools.


CapCut templates currently include text and video templates. These templates can be used to add variations to videos and photos. The ‘Templates’ icon in the app contains several templates.

  • Select any template you like and click on it to open it.
  • Click the “Use template” option to continue if you like the chosen template.
  • Next, select one or more images from your gallery that you wish to add to the video.
  • Tap on “Preview” to proceed. It will set the images to the selected template automatically and play the video.
  • Once you are happy with the layout, export the video to your smartphone.

The video can now be uploaded and shared on TikTok and Instagram. CapCut Templates make video-making easy for beginners.


This app is available for everyone. Everyone can participate in the trend using the CapCut3D effect. 3D Photo Trend gives photos and images a unique 3-dimensional look.


The CapCut app was originally published for Android and could be found only in the Google Play Store. It was later made available for iPhone users on the iOS store. With the increasing demand for CapCut apps to be installed on MAC, PCs and laptops has increased.

CapCut for Windows is now available. You can order CapCut from an internet third party. You can also install the app using android emulators. Get it now to enjoy the editing software on your big screen.


The CapCut is well-suited for creating 3-dimensional effects on images and photos. CapCut has a feature called “3D Zoom”, which transforms any image into a 3D one. The 3D effect was also viral on TikTok because it had the same publisher.

CapCut is a tool that allows you to create 3D effects on your iPhone and Android devices.

  • Open CapCut, select an image from your gallery, and then ‘Add to CapCut’ in the CapCut timeline.
  • Choose the frame for the image. Tap on Style to open a list with editing tools at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, click the “3D Zoom”feature button and wait a while for the effect to take place.
  • To see the effect in 3D, click on the playicon.
  • Tap on the checkmark icon to save the edited image.

CapCut usually adds its logo clip to the end of each video. You can either remove the clip or use a cutting tool. You can also create 3D effects using the CapCut app and then post them to social media to become a viral trend on TikTok.


The CapCut anime filter is a popular feature. This anime filter converts images and photos into animated graphics. The CapCut Anime filter is simple to use

  • Click ” + New Project” in Capt and choose one image from your gallery.
  • Next, click on the edit icon. Click the ‘Style’ link in the panel below. You will see the’Animation‘ filter.
  • Scroll down to see different anime filters. Choose the one that you like, and then apply it to the image.
  • Your anime image will be ready in a matter of seconds. The image will be exported to your gallery and saved as mp3. To save the image as an image file, you can take a screen shot.
  • Upload your anime photo and join the conversation with CapCut.

To convert images, you can use other features such as sketch, cartoon and 3D cartoon.

capcut mod apk
capcut mod apk

CapCut is available for desktop Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, and MAC PC. Here are the steps to get the CapCut app on your desktop.

First, download the CapCut on this website.

  • The zip file will be downloaded. The zip file will be downloaded.
  • Run the Android Emulator file.
  • Next, the Google Play Store appears on your home screen. To access the Google Play Store, open Gmail and log in using your Gmail I.D.
  • Click on the CapCut app you want to install.
  • Once installation is complete, open the android emulator folder and you’ll find the CapCut icon there.
  • Open CapCut and launch it. Explore the amazing filters and professional editing tools available on your desktop.


CapCut online editor assists with posting images and videos on various social media platforms. You must ensure that the content you post is appropriate for the app. CapCut online editor determines the right ratio without compromising the quality of the video. It does not crop, but adjusts the image and video to meet the required ratio.

YouTube’s standard aspect ratio is 19:9 for long videos, 9:16 for shorter videos. Instagram posts are 1:1, Instagram reels 9;16 and TikTok 9:16.


You can also enjoy Capcut filters such as umber, winter, foodie and summer. The most popular ones are the slow motion effect and 3D Zoom effect. You can also enjoy

  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Prism Effect
  • Cybercity Effect
  • Retro Film look Effect
  • Fire hand effect
  • Double Exposure Effect
  • Hologram Effect
  • Glitch Effect
  • Background blurring
  • Text behind person Effect
  • There are many more to explore.


Editing a video is easy with the CapCut app’s extensive features. CapCut video editing features include split, reverse speed, rotate, speed and speed. By dragging the ends of the video using your finger on your smartphone’s screen, you can crop and trim them. Split the video into multiple frames and clips. To create an eye-catching video, tap and play with all the editing features.



Commonly, the Chroma key compositing technique is known as a “green screen”. This is a technique that is used after creating a movie. The editor can change the background of a video with a green screen as its background by adding a photo or video.

CapCut’s video editing tool offers two ways to modify the background green screen video using its overlay feature. These are:

Background Remover and

Chroma key (key out the colour)


The “Background Remover”, which is only available on Android phones, is the first method to change the green screen in CapCut. This is the step-by–step guide on how to remove or use the green screen in CapCut’s video editing app.

Step 1 Open CapCut and tap on “New Project”

Step 2 CapCut asks permission for access to your gallery. Tap ‘Allow. Next, select the video you wish to use as background in your video. Tap the “Add” icon at the bottom.

Step 3 Next, search for “overlay” in the menu options. To add the video to your timeline, tap ‘Add Overlay’.

Step 4 – Both selected video displays will be displayed on the screen. Please refer to the following features. To begin the process, select and apply “background remover” and then wait until it is complete.

This will remove the green screen and make it ready for formatting in the CapCut app.

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